Computer Forensics: i software

Computer Forensics: i software

Live CD forensi (Linux)
Helix (abbonamento)
DEFT (Digital Evidence & Forensic Toolkit) (opensource)
CAINE (opensource)
Forlex (opensource)
The Farmer's Boot CD (commerciale)
FCCU GNU/Linux Forensic Boot CD (opensource)
IRITaly Live CD (opensource)
Knoppix Security Distribution (opensource)
Network Security Toolkit (opensource)
Backtrack (opensource)

Duplicazione dei dati


FTK Imager (freeware)
Digital Investigator Manager Acquisition (freeware)
R-Drive (commerciale)
Forensic Replicator (commerciale)
SafeBack (commerciale)

DCFLDD (opensource - Linux)
AIR (Automated Image Restore) (opensource - Linux)

USB write blocker


DSI USB Write Blocker (freeware)
M2CFC USB Blocker (freeware)
Netwrix USB Blocker (freeware)
USB WriteProtect (freeware)

Toolkit forensi

Sleuthkit Autopsy (opensource)
The Coroner's Toolkit (opensource)
SMART Linux (commerciale)

Access Data Forensic Toolkit (commerciale)
Encase (commerciale)
X-Ways Forensics (commerciale)
P2Commander (commerciale)
Pro Discover (commerciale)
Digital Investigator Manager (commerciale)
Evidor (commerciale)
NTI Software Suites (commerciale)
Windows Forensic Toolchest (commerciale)
Maresware (commerciale)

Drive Spy (commerciale)
Drive Look (freeware)


Blackbag Macintosh Forensic Suite (commerciale)

MacForensicsLab (commerciale)

Recupero partizioni

Active@ Partition Recovery (commerciale)
Diskinternals Partition Recovery (commerciale)
GetDataBack (commerciale)
Pro Data Doctor (commerciale)
Acronis Disk Director (commerciale)
Recover it all! Professional (commerciale)
Partition Table Doctor (commerciale)

Recupero dati


Recuva (freeware)
PC Inspector File Recovery (freeware)
Soft Perfect File Recovery (freeware)

Undelete Plus (freeware)

Restoration (freeware)
Disk Investigator (freeware)
Data Unerase (freeware)
TestDisk Data Recovery (freeware)
Scaven (freeware)
R-Studio (commerciale)
Ontrack Easy Recovery Professional (commerciale)
Stellar Phoenix (commerciale)
Active@ Recovery Solutions (commerciale)
Diskinternals Tools (commerciale)

O&O Disk Recovery (commerciale)
Diskeeper Undelete (commerciale)

DIY Data Recovery (commerciale)
File Scavenger (commerciale)
Handy Recovery (commerciale)
File Recover (commerciale)
Easy Undelete (commerciale)

Winundelete (commerciale)

Recover My Files (commerciale)
DFSee (commerciale)
Recover4All Professional (commerciale)
VirtualLab Data Recovery (commerciale)
BadCopy Pro (commerciale)
Zero Assumption Recovery (commerciale)
SuperFileRecover (commerciale)
Search and Recover (commerciale)
File Saver (commerciale)
Restorer 2000 (commerciale)
Back2Life (commerciale)
Davory (commerciale)
DataLifter (commerciale)
Simple Carver (commerciale)
Directory Snoop (commerciale)

Recupero dati da CD/DVD

CD Roller (commerciale)
Isobuster (commerciale)

Multi Data Rescue (commerciale)
Indisc Recovery (commerciale)

CD/DVD Inspector (commerciale)

Riparazione file corrotti

Office Fix (commerciale)
R-Word (commerciale)

R-Excel (commerciale)
Repair My Word (commerciale)
Repair My Excel (commerciale)
Zip Repair (commerciale)
Stellar File Recovery (commerciale)
DiskInternals Office Recovery (commerciale)
Doc Repair (commerciale)

Data Numen Advanced Tools (commerciale)

CRW Repair (commerciale)

Recupero password

Decryption Collection Enterprise (commerciale)

Passware Password Recovery Kit Enterprise (commerciale)
Elcomsoft Password Recovery Bundle (commerciale)
Accent Office Password Recovery (commerciale)
Last Bit Password Recovery (commerciale)

LCP (Windows password) (freeware)
AIM Password Recovery (freeware)
Messenger PassView (freeware)
Mail PassView (freeware)
IE PassView (freeware)
Protected Storage PassView (freeware)
Dialupass (freeware)
Asterisk Logger (freeware)
Aster Win IE (freeware)
Network Password Recovery (freeware)
SniffPass (freeware)
PSTPassword (freeware)
PasswordFox (Firefox) (freeware)
ChromePass (Google Chrome) (freeware)
WirelessKeyView (freeware)
Remote Desktop PassView (freeware)
VNC PassView (freeware)
CMOSPwd (freeware)

Analisi di sistemi Windows

Sysinternals Utility (freeware)
Autoruns (freeware)
ASViewer (freeware)
PatchIt (freeware)
Afind (freeware)
Bintext (freeware)
ProduKey (freeware)
OpenedFilesView (freeware)
ProcessActivityView (freeware)
USBDeview (freeware)
SysExporter (freeware)
ActivePorts (freeware)
Chrootkit (freeware)

Power GREP (commerciale)
Crucial ADS (pagamento)